Graduate Students Supervision

I give priority and time to graduate students on MSc and PhD levels. My office is always open for them who need mentoring or discussions. My favorite students are those who are highly motivated and passionate about research. I expect them to develop strong research skills and other abilities for their future career development.

I enjoy discussing research projects, experimental design, and data modeling and analysis methods with my students. I work closely with them to ensure that the multi-channel electrophysiological signals from healthy or diseased subjects are properly collected, integrated and analyzed. I train the students in using laboratory equipment and working out the right procedure for experimental data collection and preprocessing. I help them publish their new research results in impactful international journals. My graduate students and research associates are involved in the entire range of research activities (literature survey, data acquisition experiments, data analysis and signal processing, numeric simulations and computational experiments, publications, and technical presentations).

So far I have successfully supervised 9 PhD and 27 research-based (three-year) MSc students at the East China University of Science and Technology (China), Beijing University of Technology (China), VEKIA (France), and OsloMet (Norway). Some of my former students have become faculty members or held R&D positions in industry in China, US, and Germany.