I have been collaborating closely with intelligent systems and neuroscience experts from the US, Europe and China on various joint R&D projects, such as identification of psychophysiological indicators of human performance breakdown, early diagnosis of cancer and neurological disorders, and quantification of functional connectivity between different brain regions in humans or non-human primates.

List of International Collaborators

Prof David Kaber (EiC of IEEE Trans. on Human-Machine Systems), North Carolina State University, USA --- Human-machine systems

Prof Mohsen Razzaghi, Mississippi State Univ, USA --- Optimal control

Dr T Edwards, NASA Ames Research Center, USA --- Human-systems integration

Prof J Garibaldi (EiC of IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy Systems), U of Nottingham, UK (ECUST Guest Professor appointed in Jan. 2013) --- Fuzzy systems; Intelligent data analysis

Prof S Sharples and Dr G Lawson, University of Nottingham, UK --- Human factors eng.

Prof Rossi Setchi, Cardiff University, UK --- Data and knowledge engineering

Prof Johann F. Böhme (Member of German Academy of Engineering (acatech), IEEE Life Fellow), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (ECUST Honorary Professor appointed in June 2008) --- Statistical modeling and signal processing

Prof J Raisch, TU Berlin, Germany (ECUST Guest Professor appointed in Dec. 2009) --- Hybrid control systems; Neural rehabilitation

Prof Klaus Janschek, TU Dresden, Germany (ECUST Guest Professor appointed in June 2012) --- Mobile robot control; Mechatronics

Prof Jochen Mau, University of Düsseldorf, Germany --- Biocybernetics

Prof Alessandro Villa (Member of Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences (SATW)), Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland --- Neural networks

A/Prof Denis Gillet, EPFL, Switzerland --- Biomedical systems modeling and control

Prof P Groumpos, University of Patras, Greece (ECUST Guest Professor appointed in Sept. 2013) --- Intelligent control

Prof C D Stylios, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece --- Intelligent computing and optimization; Fuzzy cognitive map

Prof Georgi M Dimirovski (Member of European Academy of Science and Arts), Dogus Univ. of Istanbul, Turkey (ECUST Guest Professor appointed in June 2014) --- Fuzzy control

A/Prof Zhenyu Yang, Aalborg University, Denmark --- Nonlinear systems identification