As the Principal Investigator, I have led over 30 R&D projects worth more than €2M. My main theoretical interest is in the development of new computational intelligence and machine learning techniques. I focus on fuzzy modelling and machine learning techniques for complex and uncertain (noisy) data mining (regression, clustering and classification), as well as methods for performance evaluation of intelligent systems.

Examples of fundamental projects are in the following areas:

  • Computational intelligence
  • Machine learning and nonlinear systems identification
  • Intelligent control and self-learning control
  • Hybrid systems control

My research also covers the practical implementation of intelligent techniques in diverse application areas, including biomedical engineering, civil engineering, intelligent transportation, retail business, precision and smart agriculture, analytic chemistry, and chemical engineering. Examples include the operator functional state assessment, early detection of cancer by analysis of experimental nanopore data, and the processing of complex multi-modal physiological signals from healthy (in safety-critical human-machine cooperative environments) and diseased (for clinical diagnosis of neurological disorders) subjects.

Examples of applied projects include:

Biomedical Engineering

  • Modeling and control of operator functional state for prevention of human performance degradation and breakdown in safety-critical human-machine integrated systems
  • Pattern classification of mental task-load based on EEG signals and extreme learning machines
  • Quantitative analysis of functional connectivity between prefrontal cortex and striatum in monkeys
  • Development of brain-machine interface (BMI) systems for neural rehabilitation
  • Applications of intelligent learning control

Analytic Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

  • Analysis of nanopore single-molecule detection data using hidden Markov models
  • Development and test of a JKR energy measurement system used in chemical engineering

Civil Engineering

  • Active vibration control for high-rise structures using decentralized robust control scheme

Retail Business

  • Bayesian dynamical modeling method for retail sales forecasting
  • Adaptive optimization method for supply chain optimization and decision support